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How to get first deposit bonus Melbet 130% up to $130 in Kenya

Standard for all countries in which Melbet is available, the bonus for a new players:
First deposit bonus 130% up to $ 130 (or equivalent in any currency) with a promotional code

Good news for Kenyan players. If you are planning to register at, you will have an increased first deposit bonus available!
You get First deposit bonus 200% up to 20000 KES. Make a deposit of 10,000 KES and get another 20,000 KES!

Moreover! Using the promo code OPABET you will receive an increased bonus!
The promo code OPABET increases the first deposit bonus by another 30%. Thus, you can receive a bonus of up to 26,000 KES today. Use promo code OPABET while it works.

How to use a promo code and get a bonus

Follow the link to the registration page. Choose a registration method:
– By phone;
– One click.
Enter the Melbet promo code OPABET. The bonus increase notification should appear:

Do not forget to read the conditions for receiving and wagering the bonus. They are listed on the Melbet Kenya Bonuses page.
To receive a bonus, you need to fill in all the fields in your personal account (you need to do this in any case in order to withdraw the won money).
After filling in all the fields, click the “Save” button.

Make your first deposit with Melbet and get your increased First deposit bonus!


The promo code OPABET is still valid. Use it